Atmosphere Plugin Bundle

Atmospheric Plugin Bundle


Expand Your Horizons

Generate Rich Textures, Pads & Spaces For Any Production


Add Dimension, Create Depth, & Evoke Emotion

Mesosphere Dual Pad Engine allows you to Drag & Drop your sample into 1 of 2 Engines, tune your sample & start letting the magic happen.

Tactures Textured Drone Engine allows you to Drag-&-Drop your own samples to express your lifestyle & experiences through audio.

Digital Echoes Dimensional Delay  All you to seamlessly combine three distinct delays into a singular, immersive experience. Each of the three delays is an independent entity.

3 Atmospheric Plugin Engines

Use Your Own WAV Samples

Over 200% Dimensional Emulation

Includes Stock Presets & Samples

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Key Features

3 Atmospheric Plugins in 1 MAJOR Bundle

Use any WAV sample & create magic – Even samples from your phone

Add an INSANE amount of Depth & Dimension 


Dual Sampler Engines

Mesosphere boasts dual samplers that redefine the possibilities of atmospheric sound design. These samplers are not only drag-and-drop compatible but also grant users extensive control over their individual parameters. From fine-tuning sample range, loop range, and loop crossfade to adjusting direction, gain, pan, transpose, and detune, each aspect of the samplers can be meticulously shaped. The unique feature lies in the ability to blend these two samplers seamlessly, enabling creators to craft a distinctive sound that harmoniously combines the characteristics of each.

Built-In FX Suite

Elevate your atmospheric creations with Mesosphere’s comprehensive FX Suite, a robust toolkit that includes reverb, delay, dimension, autopan, LFOs, EQ, and filters. Each element within the suite is thoughtfully designed to add depth, spatial nuances, and dynamic movement to your sounds. Whether you’re seeking the ethereal echoes of reverb, rhythmic textures with LFOs, or precision shaping with EQ and filters, Mesosphere’s FX Suite offers an extensive range of sonic possibilities. The inclusion of a global AHDSR envelope ensures further control over the overall dynamics.

Unique Sampler Engine

Tactures opens up a realm of possibilities by allowing users to create a playable texture drone from any audio using intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. The magic lies in its use of 8 EQ Bell Curves, shaping the playable key with precision. Customize these Bell Curve parameters to craft a one-of-a-kind drone texture that resonates with your artistic vision. You can further enhance your sonic landscape with 2 customizable oscillators, providing a total of 3 voices to infuse texture and depth into your production.

Built-In FX Modules

Tactures empowers users with a rich palette of effects, from the atmospheric ambiance of reverb and delay to the rhythmic modulation of LFOs and the spatial dynamics of autopan. This comprehensive suite not only enhances your textures but also provides nuanced control, allowing you to sculpt and refine every sonic detail. Whether you seek ethereal expanses or intricate layers, Tactures’ FX modules are the key to unlocking a world of sonic possibilities.

3 Powerful Delays

Immerse yourself in the boundless possibilities of Digital Echoes as it seamlessly merges three independent delays into one powerful plugin. Each delay operates as a distinct entity with individual parameters, providing unparalleled control over your temporal landscape. With tempo-synced precision, edit feedback, mix, time, highpass and lowpass for each delay, crafting echoes that resonate in perfect harmony with your compositions. This dynamic fusion of delays empowers you to sculpt time and space with precision, ensuring your sound is not just heard but experienced.

Additional Multi-Effects

Unlock a new dimension of sonic exploration with Digital Echoes’ array of effects, including reverb, stereo dimension, and slap delay, each offering substantial dimensional value. Immerse your sound in lush ambiances, widen your stereo field, and add dynamic spatial effects that elevate your mix to over a 200% dimensional emulation. Whether you seek ethereal atmospheres or immersive soundscapes, Digital Echoes’ diverse effects contribute to a richer, multidimensional sonic experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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Operating System

Win 10+ | Mac 10.14+

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DAW Compatibility

Compatible with all DAWs except Pro-Tools


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