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  • Ok, Now just who is Plughub?
    Your ultimate destination for exclusive and major discounts on cutting-edge Music Production Software and Resources. We are passionate about empowering music producers and creators by offering a wide range of high-quality plugins, MIDI bundles, and more, all at unbeatable prices. With a focus on affordability and accessibility, we strive to make professional music production tools and resources accessible to all aspiring artists.
  • I missed a Sale, can I still purchase it?
    No. Once a Sale is complete or expired, that's all she wrote! There are no backorders or waiting lists so don't be late! Turn on notifications, sign up to the mailing list, & Do whatever you have to do in order to catch the Sale Dates!
  • How long are Sale Periods?
    Each sale expires 2-4weeks after it's start date. Remember, once the Sale expires, it's gone forever!
  • How often do you host New Sales?
    Every week! We will have at least 1 new sale once a week. As we expand, we will begin offering more Sales.
  • Can I host a Sale on Plubhub?
    We are always looking to collaborate with other like-minded Producers, Sound Designers, Software Engineers, etc. If you have a product you think our audience would find useful & want to host a Sale, please contact us here:¬†[email protected]