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Innovation And Rhythm Converge

Effortlessly Generate Dynamic Drum & Percussion Loops


Shape A Unique Rhythmic Sonic Journey

Step into the digital frontier with Perc Gadget, your essential piece of rhythmic technology. This one-touch rhythm generator transforms your beats, offering cinematic precision in a world where gadgets are indispensable. Craft unique drum and percussion loops effortlessly, as six customizable arpeggiator engines lead you through a sonic landscape defined by sample and rhythm randomization.  Load your own samples for an even more unique experience.

Rhythm Generating Plugin: Perc Gadget

6 Customizable Percussion Arpeggiator Engines

Randomize Your Rhythm & Samples For Unique Percussion Loops

Dynamically Load Your Own Samples

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Key Features

6 Custom Perc Arps: Individually edit each percussion sample for ultimate control.

Randomize Rhythm: Individually or Globally randomize your arpeggiator parameters.

Randomize Samples: Individually or Globally Randomize your sample selection. Dynamically load your own samples.


6 Customizable Arps

Perc Gadget puts the power in your hands with six percussion arpeggiator engines, allowing you to choose or randomize samples. Dive into individual sample parameters like pitch envelope, ADSR envelope, EQ, gain, pan, transpose, and detune. Tweak or let randomness take the lead in shaping your rhythmic experience. Whether you prefer precise adjustments or embrace the randomness, these engines empower you to shape a unique sonic journey.

Randomize Your Rhythm

Embrace the spontaneity of music creation with Perc Gadget’s rhythmic prowess. Globally or individually randomize the intricate rhythms of its Percussion Arpeggiator Engines, ensuring that each beat unfolds with a nuanced cadence that defies predictability. Make on-the-fly adjustments to Steps, Rate, Stride, and Velocity, injecting a dynamic and evolving pulse into your compositions. Each beat you compile possesses a distinct rhythmic fingerprint.

Randomize Your Samples

Elevate your sonic palette by globally or individually randomizing the loaded samples in your Percussion Arpeggiator Engines. This dynamic feature lets you seamlessly swap samples on the fly, fostering a continuous flow of creative exploration. As you navigate through an array of sounds, Perc Gadget ensures that the journey is as exciting as the destination. Open endless possibilities for your sonic exploration. Want more creativity at your fingertips? You can  dynamically load your own samples as well.

Built-In FX Modules

Perc Gadget goes beyond rhythm generation, offering a comprehensive suite of effects to shape and enrich your sounds. From the nuanced warmth of the Glue Compressor to the precision of the Draggable EQ Panel, each module provides a layer of sonic refinement. Reverb, Swing, and Dimension further expand your sonic landscape, ensuring that every beat is imbued with depth, character, and a touch of sonic artistry.

One-Touch Generator

Experience the magic of instant creativity with Perc Gadget’s one-touch generator. By pressing and holding C3, unlock a vast array of percussion loops effortlessly. As this single keystroke transports you into a realm of rhythmic possibilities, Perc Gadget seamlessly integrates innovation into your workflow, making beat creation an intuitive and enjoyable journey.

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Operating System

WIN: 10+ | MAC: 10.14+

System Requirements

RAM: 4GB | Disk Space: 100MB

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DAW Compatibility

Compatible with all DAWs except Pro-Tools


Cheaper Version of UVIs $200 Percussion Engine

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 13, 2024

It’s a much cheaper version of UVI’s $200 Percussion Engine. No, it isn’t as slick or deep but it gets the job done. Random is random, most people don’t want to map Euclidian probabilities anyway, they want evolving polyrhythms. The beauty here is easy sample replacement with pick-your-instrument or FX samples the old school way. This is a fun, simple, easy-to-use alternative for percussion generation. By the time it’s squashed to content delivery specs all that multi cycle round robin sampling is going to sound like a drum machine, so unless you’re trying to impress someone as a gear snob, perc is perc and this is a gas. Yes I own UVI’s version. But this is a way lighter CPU hit for damn near the same purpose.

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Phil Huston

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